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A few tips before you begin!

1. Length of campaign: Type a number for how many days you want your campaign to go. If you’d like your campaign to go for a long period of time, type in 365 days! If you’re fundraising for Run For The Dream, put as many days as there are until April 9.
2. Campaign Expiration: Once your campaign expires, the giving section will automatically no longer be available. You can simply begin a new campaign and get a new link to share with your friends!
3. Personal Information: The personal information you provide – email address, phone number, mailing address, social media links – are NOT published on your public profile. They are for our staff to be able to get in touch with you (we will primarily contact you via email).
4. Notifications: We will notify you via email when you receive donations to your page! If the person who gave provides their email address, we’ll give you that too so you can thank them!
5. Funds designation: When your friends give to BDS, their funds will directly toward our operations. They can also specifically designate their funds for the Lesotho program or Oklahoma program if they want.
6. Directory: Your name and fundraising page link will be placed on the BDS Fundraisers Directory. If your friends lose the link you gave them, they can simply find your name on the Directory and click on your link. Or who knows? Maybe someone browsing our website will up and decide to give to BDS through your campaign!
7. Campaign Name: When we received feedback about this program, the most frequent comment was: “What the heck should I call my campaign?!” Here are some examples of campaign titles. You’re welcome to reuse one of them (maybe add your name to it!), make a variation thereof, or come up with your own. You could also just use your name!
End Human Trafficking
Funds for Freedom
Melissa’s BDS Bday Party
Dave’s Run For The Dream Fundraiser
Run For The Dream – Andy McDonald
Tina Runs for Freedom
Tracy’s North Medical Center BDS Fundraiser (get a group of friends together and make your own group campaign!)
University of Oklahoma BDS Fundraiser – Brent Johnson

If you have any questions, please email Melissa – [email protected]!


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