BDS Fundraisers

Create your own personalized fundraising page for Beautiful Dream Society! Funds raised go directly toward our programs providing direct care for women and children impacted by human trafficking!
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  • Upload your own photo and describe why YOU want to take a stand against human trafficking!
  • Receive a personalized link to share on social media to inspire your friends and family to contribute to your BDS fundraising campaign!
  • Track your fundraising progress!
  • Set suggested amounts for donations (your friends can still specify their own amount!)

Run For The Dream Fundraisers:

Make sure to note “Run For The Dream” or “RFTD” in your campaign title. If you’re making a team fundraising page, make sure to put all your names in the information about the campaign!

Ready to start? 1) Register as a BDS Fundraiser (click “Get Started” button below) or login into your existing account. 2) Fill in your profile.  3) Click “Create New Campaign.” 4) Create your campaign and submit for review. 5) Once your campaign is accepted, we’ll email you confirmation and send your personalized link so you can get started fundraising!

Looking for your friend’s BDS Fundraiser campaign? Want to browse our current and past campaign pages? Click here!