A 12 year old’s answered prayers

Libuseng’s biological mother gave birth to her when she was only 18. As a scared new mother that was unemployed, uneducated, and an orphan herself, Libuseng’s mom abandoned her one-year-old child.

Fortunately, Beautiful Gate Care Centre and Beautiful Dream Society have cared for this special girl ever since. Libuseng grew up in loving foster homes, and she is now a confident, beautiful 12-year-old girl. She performs at the top of her class in school and has a big heart and dreams. However, one particular prayer has always been on her prayer list: someday, somebody who knew her would show up at the BDS Children’s Homes. 

Libuseng’s BDS foster mom has always been there for her. She has seen how sad Libuseng is when she sees other children visiting with their relatives. As a result, Libuseng’s BDS foster mom and the rest of the BDS team continued to search for her birth mother.

This past December, that search finally proved fruitful. As it turns out, Libuseng’s biological mother is still alive and living in South Africa. The BDS staff also located family members close by in Lesotho. That includes Libuseng’s aunt, who is eager to see her.

When Libuseng heard the good news, she was overwhelmed with joy and said, “Each time other children spoke about their relatives, I’d feel like I’m the only one cemented to BDS. I had no hope that I’d ever find my biological family.” She was ecstatic!

God’s timing is always perfect. Libuseng’s prayers for the past 12 years have finally been answered as she has found her biological family. 

Thank you, everyone, for your generous support! You have been a big part of Libuseng’s loving family for the past 12 years! If you’d like to donate or learn other ways to help children like Libuseng, learn more on our website.

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