Dedicated board members needed In Lesotho

Beautiful Dream Society is looking for leaders in Lesotho who have a passion and vision to fight human trafficking. A board of 10 volunteer members leads our organization. We are looking for additional people to join our team of dedicated board members.

Beautiful Dream Society of Lesotho operates the only shelter for victims of human trafficking in the country of Lesotho. We also care for orphans and vulnerable children in loving foster homes. In addition, Beautiful Dream Society has a group of staff members who monitor border posts of Lesotho to identify and intercept the crime of human trafficking before victims cross the border.

The following charter sets out the role and responsibilities of members of Beautiful Dream Society’s board of directors.

BDS mission and motto

Beautiful Dream Society of Lesotho is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting exploitation, instilling value, and empowering vulnerable people in Lesotho by providing love, protection, and education through partnership with the church and community. 

Our motto: Rescue a Child, Raise a Leader, Rebuild the Family, and Restore the Nation

Board member purpose

Directors of the board have the duty and privilege to manage the business and affairs of Beautiful Dream Society (BDS) in accordance with the BDSL Constitution and the organization’s policies in meeting the goals and objectives of the organization.

Members of the board of directors are stewards who act on behalf of BDS’s stakeholders including service recipients, funders, employees, and community service providers. The board of directors has the principal responsibility for fulfillment of the organization’s mission and legal accountability for its operations; therefore, each member must demonstrate a commitment to legal and financial duty and duty of care in all matters of governance.

Legal and financial duty: This is a duty to act honestly, in good faith, and with a view to the best interests of the organization. Inherent in the legal and financial duty is the responsibility to understand and adhere to the requirements of all the policies of the organization and common law, including the duty of confidentiality.

Duty of care: To exercise the care, diligence, and skill that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in comparable circumstances and to take the time necessary to make informed business judgments. 

Board member governance

The board of directors will serve as trustees of the organization under the BDSL Constitution by:

  • Deliberating in many voices but governing as one
  • Praying regularly for the founder, executive director, staff, organization, mission, beneficiaries/residents, and for wisdom in leadership
  • Creating and monitoring strategic plans and supporting policies, guarding against mission drift
  • Monitoring the performance of the executive director against agreed performance indicators
  • Evaluating program outcomes
  • Reviewing beneficiary/resident and staff surveys
  • Creating financial policies, executive limitation policies, and other policies to protect the organization against avoidable and critical risks
  • Complying with all relevant laws and requirements
  • Monitoring and overseeing financials, business transactions, contracts, and partnership agreements

Board member responsibility

Each member/office bearer of the board of directors:

  • Attends the majority of 4-6 board meetings annually
  • Is well prepared for meetings and able to contribute to productive dialogue
  • Stays informed about the finances and programs of the organization
  • Is willing to openly debate and disagree about important ideological concepts and ideas but avoids personality-focused attacks
  • Demonstrates the ability to unite behind and support the final decision of the board of directors regardless of their position during the decision-making process
  • Volunteers for and willingly accepts assignments and completing them on time
  • Actively participates in one or more fundraising activities
  • Excuses themself from discussions and voting on matters in which there is a conflict of interest
  • Makes an annual financial contribution to the organization commensurate with their financial ability
  • Serves as a passionate and knowledgeable spokesperson for the organization, accurately articulating the mission, programs, and services of BDS to community members
  • Employs the use of their talents, industry, influence, personal affiliations, and other resources for the benefit of BDS residents and the organization ( i.e. creating housing or employment opportunities for residents, developing valuable community partnerships, securing donations or in-kind support, or providing other significant services to the organization)
  • Initiate a board of directors self-evaluation process to govern with excellence. Discipline will apply to matters such as attendance, preparation for meetings, policymaking principles, respect of roles, and ensuring the continuity of governance capability
  • When no longer able to fulfill their obligations to the organization, they will resign as a member of the board of directors

If you are interested in becoming a BDS board member, please email our director at Not interested in the board but still want to help? Check out our volunteer opportunities, or consider donating!

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