Breaking ground for our new Children’s Homes

Beautiful Dream Society recently broke ground for our new Children’s Homes! We have officially outgrown our space, and we can’t wait to upgrade to our new facility. This expansion marks an important milestone in our mission to provide a safe and nurturing environment for vulnerable children in need.

The groundbreaking ceremony

BDS held a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate this momentous occasion. It was attended by esteemed guests, including:

  • The Chief of HaTakalimane (the name of our village)
  • Members of the US Embassy
  • Orphan’s Promise
  • Various partner organizations that have supported us throughout our journey

Their presence reaffirmed the significance of our work and the collective commitment to improving the lives of children in Lesotho.

Building adequate housing and care facilities

The new Children’s Homes project aims to address the pressing need for adequate housing and care facilities for orphaned and vulnerable children. With the construction of four spacious homes, we will be able to accommodate a total of 32 children, ensuring they receive the love, support, and resources necessary for their development.

This expansion will also alleviate the current situation where, due to limited space, we sometimes have six girls sharing a single bedroom. The new facility will provide each child with a sense of belonging.

The circumstances of children in Lesotho

It is essential to highlight the circumstances that bring these children into our care. The majority of the kids in our Children’s Homes come from government referrals, indicating that they lack parental or guardian support.

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to locate any living relatives who might be able to provide a stable home for these children. However, in many heartbreaking cases, extended family members are not available or unable to assume the responsibility of caregiving. Additionally, even if there are living family members in the vicinity, they often lack the necessary financial means to adequately support and care for the child.

Tragically, we have also encountered situations where a child cannot return to their family due to the presence of extreme abuse, sexual assault, or neglect. In these instances, our Children’s Homes become a haven of safety, love, and hope.

Preventing human trafficking

By constructing these new homes, we aim to not only address the immediate needs of these vulnerable children but also contribute to the prevention of human trafficking. Shelter and stability play a crucial role in safeguarding children from falling prey to traffickers.

By providing a secure environment and a support system that nurtures their emotional and physical well-being, we empower these children with resilience and the tools to resist exploitation.

Timeliness is of the essence, as every day that passes without the new Children’s Homes means more children are exposed to the dangers of trafficking. The urgency to complete the construction grows, for with each home we build, we expand the circle of protection, shielding more lives from the perils that lurk outside our walls.

We need your help

We still require additional funds to fulfill our vision of constructing a comprehensive shelter village for these deserving children. The cost of building each 3-bedroom home amounts to $73,000. Every contribution, regardless of size, brings us closer to making this dream a reality.

We humbly request your support to provide a brighter future for these children. Your generosity will not only provide them with the material comforts they deserve but also offer them the hope and opportunity they need to break free from the cycle of poverty and adversity.

If you would like to learn more about BDS Children’s Homes in Lesotho or are interested in making a difference in the lives of these precious children, please contact Jennifer Crow at 405-209-1270. Together, we can build a better future for the children of Lesotho!

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