Coffee for a Beautiful Dream


“We won’t allow anything to hold us back from God’s mission.”

A love for coffee and a love for people began Chris and Mike’s journey to create Crowned Coffee, a fair trade Crowned Coffee logoOklahoma roaster with a heart for changing the world. “My wife and I woke up one morning and started to talk about ways we could better impact this broken world,” says co-founder Mike. “[Chris’] heart had also been set on wanting to make a difference.”

After discussing the option of opening a coffee shop, they settled on roasting as a smaller investment that could make a big impact. That led to the birth of Crowned Coffee. “I was talking with Chris about business proposals one afternoon and the conversation led to us partnering for Crowned Coffee. Our conversation didn’t happen by accident. We started planning and testing coffee and we developed a great taste for a good quality bean and the rest is history,” says Mike.

Coffee for a Change

Crowned Coffee coffee heart 2Chris and Mike’s heart for changing the world is evident in Crowned Coffee’s motto: “Coffee for a change.” Through partnerships with local and global organizations, they are able to use their business to improve the lives of those around them and around the world. “Raising money and handing it over, knowing it will benefit those in need has truly been inspirational,” says Mike. Whether it’s building water wells in Africa or raising money for orphanages in Haiti, Crowned Coffee is committed to making a difference.

Coffee for a Beautiful Dream

One of the ways Crowned Coffee is making a difference locally and globally is in the movement to end human trafficking through partnership with Beautiful Dream Society. For every pound of coffee sold, Crowned Coffee will donate $1 to BDS. 100% of their donation go directly to our programs focused on ending human trafficking in Oklahoma and in Lesotho, Africa.

Mike says, “The journey has begun. Change has already been seen. People around us witness our efforts and ask how they can help or how they can get involved. We feel this is our calling.” By living out their calling, Chris and Mike are helping to change the lives of women and children around the world through Beautiful Dream Society’s programs. Crowned Coffee’s “coffee for a change” will actively contribute to the end human trafficking!

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To purchase Crowned Coffee or to learn more about their mission, you can visit their website at You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter – @Coffee4AChange, and Instagram – @Coffee4AChange.


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