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“It’s always been small groups of thoughtful, committed citizens that have changed the world”. – Julia Pezant, Raging Sun Photography

A photographer’s world is the land of darkness and light. Shadows and dark spots are manipulated by the flash of a camera or the rays of the sun, perfectly capturing the moments of our lives that would otherwise be forgotten to time. So it should come as no surprise that Julia Pezant, owner of Raging Sun Photography, speaks in terms of light and dark when she describes what brought her to partner with Beautiful Dream Society. When asked what inspired her to join them, she responds, “The injustice of human trafficking, but also the passion and light within everyone I’ve met from BDS.”


Raging Sun Rises…

Julia founded Raging Sun Photography after a mentor helped her realize how important her service would be. As she puts it, “Sometimes a photo is all we have left.” With that in mind, Julia does it all, from product/commercial services, head shots, weddings, senior pictures, real estate photography, and more! The main goal of Raging Sun is to use photography as a tool and as a gift, to remind their clients that they are part of the beauty of the world.

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Widening the Frame

Julia’s work with Raging Sun Photography doesn’t end with capturing life’s beautiful moments, however. After discovering Beautiful Dream Society when her CrossFit gym hosted a BDS event early in 2015, she knew she wanted to get involved. “It’s hard to remember the first time I learned about humans enslaving and selling other humans,” says Julia. “The cause is important to me because it’s such an injustice and because there is hope for brighter days.” Along with Beautiful Dream Society, she has also teamed up with other non-profits, such as the World Experiences Foundation in Oklahoma City.

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When considering her future as she partners with BDS, Julia reminisces on a quote from the movie “Amazing Grace” that she says has shaped her life more than any other. “We’re too young to realize certain things are impossible, which why we will do them anyway.” She goes on to say, “I feel that same determined and incurably optimistic vibe from BDS and therefore I am truly honored to work with you all.”

If you are interested in Raging Sun Photography, you can visit Julia’s website at www.ragingsunphotography.com as well as on Facebook, Instagram,or by visiting her blog.

Edited by Rebekka Hansel, Volunteer for Beautiful Dream Society


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