An Easter celebration to remember

On Easter, we celebrate love worldwide, including the Victory Church Lesotho, where our Beautiful Dream Society staff, children, and trafficking survivors attend. This was the hymn sung on Easter Sunday:

“Love that comes down from Heaven

Love blanketing earth in a transforming embrace

The unique and infinite love 

This love gives more than we can imagine cleansing our sins 

The perfect sacrifice, Lamb of God, reverent friend, 

Proving that one day all who believe in Him 

Will also rise to have eternal life with Him 

Oh, oh Happy Easter!” 

These are the words Grace sang to the Victory Church Lesotho congregation during the Easter service. She led the song, backed by other children from her Sunday School class. Grace’s Sunday School teacher gave them scripts to learn on their own since they had stopped going to church in person due to the pandemic. They performed live for the entire congregation during the first Sunday back in person, and the children outperformed themselves! 

Grace is one of our beloved Beautiful Dream Society children who has lost her biological parents. Grace attends our Beautiful Dream Society homeschool for children with learning disabilities since she struggles with memory recognition of commonly used words in both Sesotho and English. She also exhibits signs of dyslexia, forgetting which way certain letters face, writing upper and lowercase letters, and recognizing names and sounds. But, when it comes to music and praising God, she cannot only read the script given, but she can memorize it, picture it, and boldly perform for the entire church. 

We marvel at what God is doing for this beautiful soul. We are grateful for the work of our homeschool teacher, Mme Sebongile, and the sisters helping one another. Thank you to our partners for supporting girls like Grace who are overcoming and living beautiful lives because of your help.

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