Excellence, Safety, and Healing

What a blessing I have experienced in coming alongside Beautiful Dream Society to serve children in Lesotho. The eleven children under BDS’ care make up a widely diverse group of backgrounds. Some of our children have been victims of human trafficking. Many have endured severe abuse. Some have undergone serious medical and developmental challenges. A few have been brought to us by the police for protection. Others have come from previous orphanages where harsh and unsafe conditions interfered with proper care.

Group of kids with wall background

We make it our mission to serve this unique group of children and facilitate their growth in excellence: in academics, practical skills, integrity, and moral values. Due to the severity of their past trauma, we prioritize establishing a safe emotional environment. At the same time, we offer them an opportunity to become responsible and productive citizens of Lesotho. We strive to provide our children with a non-threatening and learning-conducive environment that can encourage them not only to perform effectively academically, but to have the flexibility to deal with past issues and find healing.

– Lorna Munger, BDS Lesotho Education Director

Are you passionate about teaching and caring for children in an environment like this? We need qualified teachers in Lesotho! For more information, please click here to go to our volunteer form; click “Lesotho” and “Community Service Provider;” in the notes write that you’re interested in teaching. A Beautiful Dream Society representative will get in touch with you!

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