What to expect at Run for the Dream

        As Run for the Dream nears, we wanted to let everyone—from those who have trained to those participating purely for the costume contest—know what to expect!

Possible dancing?

        When you pull up to Stars and Stripes Park at Lake Hefner and hop out of your car, you’ll probably immediately hear music blaring. You can expect “Uptown Funk” and other popular jams that you’ve sung to in the car to be booming. Feel free to break out your best dance moves or simply bounce to the music–whatever you’re more comfortable with.

Stretching? Is this yoga?

        Before the race begins, we suggest you warm up. Don’t worry; this is not a yoga class. If warming up for you simply consists of touching your toes and twisting from side to side, that’s perfect!


What if I’m not an experienced runner?

        When the race begins, pick your speed! If you’re an experienced runner (and I applaud you for this), you can set a goal pace and strive to beat it. We encourage you to pick a person racing past you during the race, and strive to pass them. If you’re not an experienced runner (and many who attend will not be, so don’t worry), pick a pace that is comfortable for you! If you want to walk during the race and chat with your best or new friends, that is okay! In fact, it’s encouraged. Beautiful Dream Society wants everyone to feel comfortable and have a good time during the race.

Wait… why are people in costumes?

        This year, we are encouraging people to dress up in costumes! Costumes can range from wearing a sheet over your clothes to appear as a ghost to wearing a full-blown Mike Wazowski get-up. The people who show up in the best costumes will be awarded!


Dance party and awards

        As the last runners cross the finish line and the race officially comes to a close, a celebration of everyone’s efforts will begin! If celebrating for you is falling to the ground and resting, we understand! For those who still have energy (again, I applaud you for this), please dance and celebrate finishing the race! After a short dance party, we will have a medal ceremony.


See you soon!

        We hope this helped you prepare for the race! Don’t forget: it’s on April 9 at 7:30 a.m. at Stars and Stripes Park, Lake Hefner, Oklahoma City. We’re so excited for you to join us!

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Written by communications intern Courtney Brady

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