From Vulnerability To Safety

This is the story of a young woman named Dee and her path to recovering from the most difficult thing she has ever experienced. Dee came into the care of BDS after she was falsely promised a job, kidnapped, abused, and left for dead. Her journey to receive help and recover from this experience is her greatest miracle. She wrote her story to share with others to promote awareness about what can happen when you are promised a job by someone you do not know, and to thank those who helped her find help. This is what she would like to share with you:

I remember it was November when I left my village to go seek employment in town. I met a certain man who said his wife needed a person to stay at home with her while he is in the neighboring country. I agreed to work for him; however this person is an abuser. We walked on foot, to a place I did not know, for at least two hours. While we were on the way, things were fine. Then suddenly he was a different person all together. He abused his power over me.

The truth is that this person did abuse me sexually, but God is great because the man did not kill me. A Good Samaritan helped me because this man just left me in the wilderness. A woman gave me money to go to the police station where I received help.

I want to thank Beautiful Dream Society because truly my life is no longer in danger since I arrived at the shelter. They taught me how to live without necessarily working for people. I also received encouragements and life skills to make it in life. Thank you to the God of Heaven, BDS, and the police who made all the necessary inquiries for this man to be arrested.

To my brethren, this is a warning. Never allow anyone to take you to work unless you know that person thoroughly. You must know their name, and they should show even their ID and everything that can be offered in identification so that if it happens that you are in danger, your siblings or your family might know where to locate the person.

I would also love to thank that Good Samaritan who gave me money to go to the police station because I believe right now I would be counted among the dead.

When I read Dee’s story I cannot help but think about how different her life would be if only she had known the warning she is sharing with others. Raising awareness about human trafficking and perpetrator tactics is completely and undeniably necessary in order for vulnerable women to better protect themselves.

I also think about the Good Samaritan that showed kindness to Dee. She was the first person who helped her after she was taken and abused. She wasn’t forced to help or to give Dee the means to seek those who could help her, but she did. She saw someone in need and made the decision to act. She wasn’t involved in an anti-trafficking organization, or working a job that helps care for others. She was simply the one who could meet the need of a woman desperate for help.

Care starts with those who are willing to help. Prevention starts with those who are willing to share what is really going on in the world today. Don’t pass up the opportunity to be a Good Samaritan. You could be the one who helps someone in need. You could be the one that spreads the word that helps prevent a woman from being abused.

-Rebecca Lanham, Lesotho Program Director

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