Hope, Love, and Gingerbread

Amanda placed globs of white frosting on the sweet smelling baked abode, affixing decorative gum drops, M&Ms, and peppermints. Safe and secure from the darkness of sex trafficking she’d known her whole life, Amanda had constructed her first gingerbread house – and had experienced her first Christmas filled with care.

Sold in sex trafficking – first as a child by her mother, then as a teenager by her “boyfriend” – Amanda’s abusers robbed from her any sense of love, hope, and care. They stole her childhood, including the joy and wonder of the Christmas season. But her story didn’t end there.


Amanda got a fresh start at Beautiful Dream Society, freely receiving love and care, walking toward her new dreams. Amanda also experienced many Christmas “firsts” in Beautiful Dream Society’s program, including something she’d always wanted to do – build a gingerbread house.

March gingerbread houses color

Giving women and children like Amanda a Christmas that’s Filled With Care is more than a holiday treat – it shows them that they are truly loved; that they deserve a good life; that they can enjoy all life has to offer as they walk in light.

BE A HOLIDAY HERO for women and children like Amanda! You make all this possible. You can show them their true value with a Christmas FILLED WITH CARE today! www.beautifuldream.tv/filled-with-care

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