Human trafficking recently illegal in Lesotho

Human trafficking is a problem worldwide. In Lesotho specifically, it may shock you to know it wasn’t even a crime until 2011. As a result, law enforcement there is often at a loss. They don’t know how to handle situations we run into, especially with our transit monitoring program.

Since their laws changed so recently, our presence there is a huge help!

One girl we helped recently provides a great example of how we help and how law enforcement there needs to continue to evolve.

We currently have a 16-year-old girl staying at our Shelter for Anti-Trafficking currently. She was sent to our shelter recently by our transit monitoring team, who intercepted her before she got trafficked.

In that particular instance, it was a clear case of human trafficking. Unfortunately, her family was involved in the recruitment, which is why she ended up at the BDS shelter instead of going home.

The concept of human trafficking being illegal is so new in Lesotho that our involvement makes a huge difference. We’re very fortunate to partner with organizations like Love Justice International. They support our transit monitoring efforts through a grant provided by the US government.

Join us in making a difference in the lives of women in Lesotho! You can help with our efforts by making a donation. The women in Lesotho need your help!

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End human trafficking.