A journey of love and healing

It is said that Lesotho is one of the most poverty-stricken countries in the world, which is very unfortunate since there is plenty of food and supplies in the world for everyone. Vulnerable people, especially those orphaned at an early age by the high rates of HIV infection in the country, lack money to buy enough food to nourish themselves. Therefore, they constantly live in severe poverty, which can cause them to be susceptible to human trafficking.

Mpho was one of the eldest daughters of a poverty-stricken family. She fell into a common trafficking scheme, deceived by its mantra, “I have found you a good paying job in a foreign country.”

Living with a parent who could not afford to pay her school fees, she was desperate and hungry for a better life. She was lured into believing that she had scored a good-paying job in South Africa, where she hoped she could save up for her school fees. But, upon her arrival in South Africa, her worst nightmare came to life. She discovered that she was actually among the many Basotho she had heard about on the radio who became victims of trafficking. 

She had been deceived herself, and she tried by all efforts to escape. She miraculously succeeded. After her escape, she returned to Lesotho and reported the crime to her local police station.

The police referred her to the Beautiful Dream Society Crisis Shelter for victims of human trafficking for healing and support. It was discovered that during her traumatic experience, she had become pregnant. This compounded an already desperate situation. Thankfully, the BDS staff and house mothers were there to soothe, love, support, and minister her in the ways she needed.  

Since her recent arrival at the shelter, Mpho has assimilated well with other residents and has started meeting with a counselor for psychosocial support. Mpho says the counseling sessions have been encouraging, and she believes she will be able to begin healing from the trauma she has endured.  

BDS will help her continue healing and help her create a safety plan for herself and her baby. We are angry and sad that Mpho has been a victim of this horrible crime of human trafficking, but we are grateful we have been able to impact her life positively. BDS will be there to walk with her through her journey to healing.  

Please pray for Mpho and pray that the Lesotho and South African police will be able to apprehend her perpetrator. Pray that justice will be done for Mpho.

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