Month of Thanks

“What do I have to do to stay here?”

Upon first arriving at Beautiful Dream Society’s Oklahoma City Dream Home, this question often arises right away. While still in the midst of sex trafficking, many women in our program grew accustomed to having strings attached to everything. Traffickers would withhold food, shelter, and other basic necessities unless these precious daughters complied with gut-wrenching, traumatizing demands.

At Beautiful Dream Society, however, they receive love and care that’s freely given – no strings attached. A safe, warm home environment and caring, trauma-informed staff welcome them. No payment required. No duties to perform. They are astounded to learn that it’s all made possible through the generosity of our donors.

“People really give money to BDS so we can have this place to stay?”

The truth astounds them and a new thought resounds within: “People care about me.” People whom they’ve never met and who have never met them.

These amazingly resilient women often write notes and call to express their gratitude. Now it is our great privilege to pass that gratitude on to YOU. Without you, we would be unable to reach out to these hurting women whose lives are exceedingly valuable.

November kicks off a season of Thanksgiving and we plan to celebrate to the fullest. We want to THANK YOU for all that YOU have done: YOU rewrite the future of women recovered out of sex trafficking. YOU provide care and education for vulnerable children. YOU stir up hope here and across the globe.

From our hearts to yours: Thank you.

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