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A Legacy of Teaching

In a family of teachers, Lorna Munger had the desire to continue that legacy. Lorna taught English and Reading to upper elementary school kids, as well as Reading and Math to Kindergarteners.

After 11 years of teaching in Oklahoma, Lorna and her husband sold everything and moved their family to Lesotho, Africa. There she helped start the school for BDS’s childcare program took on the role of Education Director, and began teaching the younger children in our program.

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Teaching in Africa

The biggest difference between Oklahoma and Lesotho Lorna found as she began setting up our education program was a lack of resources. In Oklahoma, materials for children are readily available, whereas in Lesotho, she had to work hard to find resources and put together a curriculum. Her years of teaching experience served her well and she overcame the challenge to get our education program started.

Stripped of comfort zones from living in the United States, Lorna says that creativity is put to the test and teachers must think outside of the box more often. The challenges can’t begin to compare, however, with being able to love on children all day.


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More Than A Classroom Experience

Beautiful Dream Society still needs teachers for our Lesotho education program. Our program is expanding and kids in Lesotho are in tremendous need of a safe place for education. Teachers from the U.S. usually spend 1-2 years working with our kids. Ideal teachers for the Lesotho staff are flexible, compassionate, have a heart for children, and is willing to go above and beyond for the kids.

Lorna has advice for anyone interested in becoming a Lesotho teacher:

“Coming to teach is only a small part of what the Beautiful Dream Society Lesotho Childcare program is all about. If you come here to teach, we will expect you to also lead devotionals for children, take kids to the doctor, bake cupcakes for their birthdays, run errands for the school and houses, plan after school activities and crafts, and be so involved in their lives that you would not miss out on loving these children!!!”

If you are interested in becoming a teacher for BDS Lesotho, please fill out our Volunteer Form and click “Lesotho” and “Special Programs: Projects in Shelter.”

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