Moshoeshoe Day

The younger children and staff at Beautiful Dream Society’s (BDS) Love House in Lesotho have had a wonderful time celebrating Moshoeshoe Day in the past, and we look forward to celebrating more! 

This national holiday honors Moshoeshoe I (pronounced “mo-shwe-shwe”), the first king and founder of Lesotho, who was born in 1786 and died at the age of 84 on March 11, 1870. Missionaries from France were welcomed into the region of Lesotho by Moshoeshoe, where the gospel of the love of Christ was first brought to this area. Moshoeshoe’s receptivity to the principles of peace and unity created a legacy in Lesotho, which still prevails.

During the celebration of Moshoeshoe Day, the elementary-aged children of the Beautiful Dream Society Children’s Homes dress in their traditional attire, sing traditional songs, and perform traditional dances. The teachers, house mothers, and Basotho staff like to join in, especially for the grand finale. Once the finale has ended, a delicious meal of papa, moroho, meat, and porridge is served and finished with a jello-type dessert called mafatse ä thothomela, which means, “the worlds are shaking.”

Beautiful Dream Society’s founder, Jennifer Crow, visited Lesotho to celebrate with us in past celebrations. The children, who were former orphans—some of whom were abused and survived the horrible trauma of human trafficking—are so grateful for their loving family and home, which is made possible because of the generous donations of caring individuals who support BDS.

Happy Moshoeshoe Day!! 

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