Orphan’s Promise

Through the connection of one of our longtime BDS partners, Patti Nelson, Beautiful Dream Society is so thrilled to announce our partnership with Orphan’s Promise.  Orphan’s Promise was founded by Terry Meeuwsen of the Christian Broadcasting Network’s the 700 Club after her heart was touched by the desperate plight of orphans around the world.  Since 10% of the population of Lesotho consists of underage orphans, Orphan’s Promise has decided to assist through financial support to Beautiful Dream Society in Lesotho!

Orphan's Promise Jennifer and Leonie

Orphan’s Promise representative, Leonie Nortje visited Lesotho and saw firsthand the care that Beautiful Dream Society is giving to the children in the BDS Love House.  Our founder, Jennifer Crow, took Leonie and longtime BDS and CBN partner, to tour the land on which the BDS Children’s Village will be built.  They saw where the 3 bedroom children’s homes will be built and where the community church will be erected as the center of life in the Children’s Village.

Jennifer also took Leonie and the team to visit the Beautiful Gate Child Care Facility where the Director, Bryan Guerink showed the 64 children under the age of 5 who are loving cared for.  These beautiful babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers need permanent homes.  The rate of adoption has been slowed due to government delays, so Beautiful Dream Society has a vision to prepare loving homes with loving moms in the BDS children’s village for these children.

Orphan's Promise Jennifer and Leonie waterfall

We thank God for everyone who is called to help provide loving homes for these children, including our new friends at Orphan’s Promise!

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