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Helping a young girl through her grief

tressful life event for any child; studies have shown this has long-lasting emotional ramifications in an individual. The effects of the death of a parent become even worse when a child has to be institutionalized because nobody is willing to take care of them in their environment. 

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A BDS child’s unhindered progress

Rose has been at the Beautiful Dream Society (BDS) children’s home for a while now, and she is a true testimony of God’s love and grace. Her smile is contagious and always coupled with an affectionate hug.

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Turning the past into something positive

“I have never been able to read a Bible for myself before,” Thuto told one of the house mothers. Thuto is a teenage girl who was referred to the Beautiful Dream Society shelter after surviving human trafficking. As a result of the trauma she experienced, she was understandably often moody, withdrawn, anxious, and hopeless about her future. These are common and expected feelings among human trafficking victims.

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Christmas in Lesotho

Christmas in Lesotho is quite fun and relaxing, and in some ways different from Christmas in other countries. First of all, Christmas in Lesotho is in the summertime, so the weather is nice and warm. There is no “white Christmas” in Lesotho! 

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Shaping children’s futures

Having to witness his parents’ death at such a tender age, Mark lived with a lot of sadness and fear, more than any child should ever experience. Whenever someone would mention death in front of him, he would run away. 

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Saving victims from forced marriage

According to UNICEF, child and forced marriage is a human rights violation and a harmful practice that adversely affects women and girls globally, preventing them from living their lives fully free from violence.

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From unanswered questions to reunions

In early childhood and throughout life, relationships are crucial to a sense of belonging. Belonging is central to being and becoming in that it shapes who children are and who they can become. Fostering a sense of belonging for children can create an environment where learning can thrive.

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End human trafficking.