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Prostituting for survival – a grim reality in Lesotho

The prostitution industry is rapidly growing in areas prone to human trafficking. Prostitution is often a last resort for women in Lesotho who need to make a living. They look for any other possibility before succumbing to this lifestyle. Today, we wanted to highlight one woman’s journey from prostitution to prosperity.

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The grim reality of sexual assault in Lesotho

Lesotho has some of the worst rape statistics in the world, second only to Botswana. There are 89.2 reported accounts of sexual assault per 100,000 people in Lesotho, and that does not take into account the thousands of incidents that go unreported each year.

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There is a waitlist of children in need

Beautiful Dream Society changes lives every single day, but we still aren’t doing enough. We had to turn away five girls in 2022 because we did not have room available in our current housing setup. There are many children on the waitlist, and more reach out every month. We are eager to build permanent Children’s Homes to house orphans and impoverished children in Lesotho. 

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End human trafficking.