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BDS and The Sound of Freedom: Shining Light on Trafficking

The Sound of Freedom is a powerful movie that eloquently highlights the realities of human trafficking worldwide. This gripping film is based on a true story, and it sheds light on the urgent and critical work organizations like Beautiful Dream Society (BDS) complete day after day. The Sound of Freedom serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of advocacy, rescue operations, and trauma-recovery services for survivors.

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Sibling reunification after tragedy

Thapelo came to the BDS Children’s Home after losing his mother at just eight years old. Thapelo’s older siblings cared for him after his mother passed away, but the oldest sibling was still a minor at the time. Thapelo developed some health issues that the family could not afford to care for, so they brought him to BDS through a referral from Beautiful Gate Children’s Care Centre.

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Breaking ground for our new Children’s Homes

Beautiful Dream Society recently broke ground for our new Children’s Homes! We have officially outgrown our space, and we can’t wait to upgrade to our new facility. This expansion marks an important milestone in our mission to provide a safe and nurturing environment for vulnerable children in need.

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Prostituting for survival – a grim reality in Lesotho

The prostitution industry is rapidly growing in areas prone to human trafficking. Prostitution is often a last resort for women in Lesotho who need to make a living. They look for any other possibility before succumbing to this lifestyle. Today, we wanted to highlight one woman’s journey from prostitution to prosperity.

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The grim reality of sexual assault in Lesotho

Lesotho has some of the worst rape statistics in the world, second only to Botswana. There are 89.2 reported accounts of sexual assault per 100,000 people in Lesotho, and that does not take into account the thousands of incidents that go unreported each year.

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End human trafficking.