Power in Humble Hands| Women and Children in Lesotho, Part 3

Beautiful Dream Society is working on an expansion of our childcare program in Lesotho’s capital, Maseru, to a much bigger Children’s Village, including housing, a school, and a church. Join BDS Founder, Jennifer Crow, as she reaches out to our Lesotho neighbors and partners on the journey toward completing the Lesotho Children’s Village!

In the previous two posts of this series, I mentioned Lintle Letsika and her team of Community Workers of the organization Footprints of
Hope. I recently had the honor and privilege of meeting with the Footprints of Hope Community Workers from Ngoatonyane village. These power in humble hands 1women were gathered from four villages near the Lesotho airport where Victory Church Maseru will be planting a church and building Beautiful Dream Society Children’s Village for orphans and children vulnerable to being targeted for human trafficking. (The land on which the church and homes will be built was purchased by Victory Church Oklahoma!)

As we had tea under the beautiful Lesotho sun, these ladies told of the work they do in caring for those affected by HIV, tuberculosis, orphans, the elderly, the disabled. These are women who are mostly in their 50’s and 60’s (grannies like me!) who recognize the call of God on their lives. They have answered Jesus’ admonition that when we help the least of these,we are truly helping Christ.

The ladies went around the circle telling all that they needed to continue their work helping power in humble hands 2others. They mentioned needs like food, HIV testing kits, and access to more training. They said that someone needed to start a project in their community. After they had all spoken around the circle and introduced themselves, I introduced myself and told about my life, my family, and what I do with BDS and Victory Church as we move into the new land and become their neighbors.

power in humble hands 3I asked them if they wanted to know what I saw when I looked at them. Of course, they answered with a yes! I told them that what I see in them is POWER, or MATLA in Sesotho. I told them that they may think they need someone else to start a project, but that they are the project the Holy Spirit has chosen. Just like the widow with just a little bit of oil in the story of Elijah, they have chosen to serve God’s people and God’s purposes first. Therefore, their oil and flour has NOT DRIED UP! God has continued to provide them strength and resources to do their work.

To this present day, they have been able to help and care for these vulnerable people! They have been caring for hundreds of hurting people in their communities with just what they have in their hand!

What do you have in your hand to help hurting people? Would you like to join with me and these grannies to help orphaned and vulnerable children in Lesotho? Your partnership with Beautiful Dream Society helps us prevent future child victims of human trafficking.

Many of us in the U.S. purchase a latte from Starbucks or some other trendy coffee shop (some of us need our fix every day!!!!). Perhaps you have something like this in your hand right now that you would like to contribute to our operations in Lesotho and Oklahoma. Join me and these ladies in our worldwide team fighting exploitation and providing comfort to hurting people! It’s a blast to give!

Love to all……

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