Pregnant by force – Survivor by choice

Picture this: your parents separate, and you’re forced to leave school to support your mother and siblings. You shift from child to adult in a matter of days, and your sole focus becomes supporting your family. 

You’d think that would be enough struggle for one life, but it was only the beginning for Neo. She had years of trauma ahead of her. 

Thrust into sexual slavery

Neo received a job offer from a relative in South Africa. When she arrived, she was held against her will and forced to sleep with multiple men. Her captors received money for her sexual acts, but she was never paid. The cycle of sexual slavery went on for several months until she was able to escape her confines. 

One of Neo’s rapists impregnated her during her enslavement. She came to Beautiful Dream Society after her escape, but she was sick, weak, and struggling to cope with the trajectory of her life. She left her home to better the situation, only to return with a mountain of trauma to carry and another mouth to feed. 

Setting the foundation for a brighter future

Neo received medical care and therapy services from BDS. She used her time in the Anti-Trafficking Shelter to plan a stable future for herself, her child, and her siblings. She pursued vocational trainings where she learned to make cosmetics, grass baskets, and carpets. 

Thanks to BDS donors and a generous grant from the International Organization of Migration, Neo and other BDS clients were given start-up capital for their cosmetics business. Neo transformed from a helpless, confused girl to a confident woman ready to conquer the world. 

Neo found employment after her vocational training, and she continues to work hard for herself and her family. We are so proud of her accomplishments and excited to see where her journey will take her. 

If you want to donate to the shelter and other anti-human trafficking efforts in Lesotho, check out our Donations Page to learn more. Thank you for your continued support! 

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End human trafficking.