Price Of A Life

The holiday season brings a lot of pricing with it! What is the price of airline tickets to get home for Christmas? The price of that KitchenAid blender going on sale Black Friday? The price of those video games the kids have been dropping hints about for months? Gifts well given, trips home to see family . . . all of these bring joy once the price is paid.

What about the price of a human life? The price of freedom? The price of feeling genuinely loved and cared for?

Traffickers paid the price of candy and cigarettes to lure young woman named Olivia* into sex trafficking. Exploited and abused for years, sold by pimps (traffickers) to sex purchasers again and again, Olivia came to believe that her worth was truly as paltry as candy and cigarettes.

By supporting Beautiful Dream Society, you gave Olivia the opportunity to start down a new path. At BDS, Olivia experienced safety, rest, and trauma-informed mentoring and therapy. She found joy in cooking, volunteering with animals, and studying for her dream of a GED. She built healthy relationships with people who showed her unconditional love. She graduated and has gained her independence.

At Beautiful Dream Society, she discovered that the value of her life, her freedom is, in fact, priceless.

As the holiday season rolls around, we want to show new women in the BDS Dream Home a Christmas that’s Filled With Care! It’s more than just giving gifts; it’s about showing them they are LOVED and VALUED – a crucial step toward helping them recover from the trauma of human trafficking.

100% of your financial gift will go toward fulfilling the needs of our program participants and letting them know they are PRICELESS. Click the link today to give them a Christmas that’s Filled With Care!

*name and photo changed for her protection

Photos: Vanessa Maureen Photography

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