Proof of belonging

Following childbirth in some countries, birth registration is taken for granted. In many other countries, there is a critical step missing to establish a child’s legal proof of identity. Without it, children are invisible to their governments, meaning their rights are not being protected and upheld, and they miss out on essential services like healthcare and education. 

Birth registration is almost universal in most high-income countries. However, in low and middle-income countries, on average, one in four children under the age of five are not registered. 

These children’s lives matter, but they cannot be protected if governments do not even know they exist. As crucial as the childbirth registration is, children from disrupted homes battle to access their registration; hence, the circle continues. Helping children break free from this circle is one of the greatest gifts a care facility can give to a child.   

Beautiful Dream Society (BDS) wanted to help a young girl named Jane get her birth certificate ever since joining BDS Children’s Homes program in January 2020. She frequently asked, “When will I get a birth certificate?” She wanted to have documentation—proof of “belonging.” 

We are happy to report that all the paperwork was completed and submitted to The Ministry of Home Affairs in September 2020. With many delays and difficulties due to Covid-19 and other issues, BDS finally received her birth certificate on January 5, 2021! Jane was very happy to have a birth certificate like all the other children in our care. 

It is sometimes a seemingly small thing that can make such a big difference in someone’s self-esteem and sense of belonging. We are so grateful to all of our partners and donors who pray for BDS and financially support our children and victims of trafficking. You are making a difference!

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