From unanswered questions to reunions

In early childhood and throughout life, relationships are crucial to a sense of belonging. Belonging is central to being and becoming in that it shapes who children are and who they can become. Fostering a sense of belonging for children can create an environment where learning can thrive. Children who feel they belong are happier, more relaxed, and have fewer behavioral problems than others. They are also more motivated and more successful learners.

The Beautiful Dream Society cares for orphans and vulnerable children in our Children’s Homes, where foster mothers, with the support of BDS staff, provide loving home environments. 

Precious is an 11-year-old child who has been in the care of BDS for several years. Her foster mother and teacher have been lovingly working with Precious every day since she became part of our family. They are pleased with her growth—including the quality of her schoolwork and her joyful behavior. 

Our Children’s Homes team has also been working tirelessly to help Precious and other children in our care. Our team helps them find clues about their biological families and establish their biological identity and family background. That will, in turn, help with unanswered questions they’ve been living with. Each of the children in our homes is deeply loved. They know they belong to a family, even though it’s not their biological family. 

Precious was told that she was brought to a baby care facility when she was eight days old. She spent her life in two loving care facilities, including BDS Children’s Homes. After some investigation and research, we discovered her biological mother is still alive and has been looking for her! 

BDS has provided Precious with loving mothers and aunties who have done their best to meet all of her needs. But, of course, this little girl longed to meet and get to know her biological family. Precious has been thrilled since she learned her mother was alive and looking for her. We are happy that we have been able to facilitate this potential reunion. 

As we work with the Lesotho Ministry of Social Development, who will guide us through the process, BDS is committed to supporting Precious through whatever is deemed best and appropriate for her. Whether she stays in our care or reunites with her biological mom, we are so happy that Precious’s mother has been found and has reached out to her. 

We pray that communication between Precious and her mother will yield a constructive and growing relationship for the future. Please continue to pray with us that God’s perfect plan for Precious’ life will unfold according to His will.

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