Shaping children’s futures

Having to witness his parents’ death at such a tender age, Mark lived with a lot of sadness and fear, more than any child should ever experience. Whenever someone would mention death in front of him, he would run away. 

After losing his parents, Mark was alone and had no one to care for him until it was brought to the attention of the Lesotho Ministry of Social Development who thankfully placed him with Beautiful Dream Society Children’s Homes.

We at Beautiful Dream Society are blessed to be able to take in such a wonderful child! Ever since his arrival at his new home, he has blended so well with the other children. He says he has never felt so much love and that he wishes his younger brother were there to enjoy the comforting environment of BDS’ children’s homes. 

Fortunately, the fear Mark used to live with has completely disappeared, and he is doing great. He will be starting psycho-social counseling sessions, which are intended to help him overcome his past traumatic experience so he can begin to learn to live a joyful, fulfilled, and peaceful life that every child deserves.

Beautiful Dream Society operates with a model of trauma-informed, home-based care. In this loving environment, Mark’s new foster mother has two additional boys she cares for to make an intimate family of four. 

We at Beautiful Dream Society are grateful to have been part of Mark’s transformation and healing process from the day he came, and we look forward to helping nurture him into the man he dreams to become in the future.

We want to give a huge thank you to Orphan’s Promise, CBN, and all of our partners who make this possible. These opportunities for Mark and the other children would not be possible without your generous support!

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