Toffee Against Trafficking

“As we grow, our desire is to partner with local amazing organizations like BDS and change lives.” – Dennis and Amy Varghese, Ava’s Premium Toffee

A Sweet Skill…

In honor of their daughter Ava, Dennis and Amy Varghese founded Ava’s Premium Toffee at the beginning of this 2015. A self-proclaimed toffee-holic, Dennis created his own toffee recipe that used healthier ingredients – such as organic coconut sugar and grass fed butter – than those already on the market. “We believe in excellence and we strive to make that evident in our product and company,” says Dennis.
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Dennis’ toffee quickly became popular among his family and co-workers. Inspired by the idea of creating something to teach their daughter the power of legacy and strong work ethic, Ava’s Premium Toffee began.

Toffee With Purpose

Generosity plays such a big role as a family and business trait that the Vargheses donate 10-20% of each purchase made at Ava’s Premium Toffee. “Our goal is not just to create the world’s best toffee but to change lives,” says Dennis. They decided to focus their giving on organizations working to end human trafficking.

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“The cause of human trafficking became real to us after the birth of their daughter,” says Dennis. “The realization that girls her age (and in general) are being sold as merchandise and never having the opportunity to live life in freedom moved us to pray about how we could impact the fight against it.”

A Heart for Local Organizations

Packages of toffee include the statement, “When you buy Ava’s Premium Toffee, a portion of each purchase goes directly to organizations campaigning to end human trafficking.” The Vargheses wanted to give priority to local efforts first, given how much of their clientele comes from the local community and coffee shops. They heard about Beautiful Dream Society through a friend and decided to donate a portion of proceeds to BDS’s operations to end human trafficking.

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Dennis and Amy used what was in their hands to effect change! Their toffee is helping change the lives of the women who come through Beautiful Dream Society’s program. What a legacy they are leaving behind!

If you are interested in Ava’s Premium Toffee, you can visit their website at as well as on Facebook, Twitter – @avaspremiumtoff, and Instagram – @avaspremiumtoffee. You can also visit them at the Edmond and Downtown OKC Farmers Markets.

If you have a business and you’re inspired to join Beautiful Dream Society in the fight against human trafficking, please contact us here!

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