Jennifer’s Bio

Jennifer Crow is passionate, intense, authentic, and committed to helping others live victoriously. She has served at Victory Church, a multisite congregation in Oklahoma, since helping cofound it in 1994. Jennifer is a graduate of Oral Roberts University and founder of the Beautiful Dream Society, a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to empowering vulnerable people worldwide. BDS provides love, protection, and education through partnership with the church and community to fight exploitation and instill eternal human value. Following a dream from God in 2008 where the letters “LESOTHO” were written in the sky, she began researching the word. She found that Lesotho is a country in Africa…a country that has the third highest HIV infection rate in the world – 29.8% are HIV positive – and trafficking in women, boys, and girls is thriving for reasons of sexual exploitation, forced labor, and other criminal activities.

Her work with the Beautiful Dream Society includes establishing and operating safe homes for victims of human trafficking in partnership with Joyce Meyer’s Hand of Hope, including the Hand of Hope Transformation Centre in Maseru, Lesotho. Beautiful Dream Society’s newest endeavor is to build a children’s village after the model of Watoto. It’s hard to believe that just over ten years ago, Jennifer was healed of a dozen chronic health issues that caused her to enter a deep depression. And as everything unraveled, Jennifer began to see how the perfect lies she’d told herself—lies like “I must prove myself because my worth depends on what I do” and “I must gain the acceptance of others because their opinion matters most”—were literally crippling her body, mind, and soul. Jennifer was dramatically healed in 2003, through the power of meditative prayer and has been unstoppable since!

In her first book, Perfect Lies, published by Tyndale House in 2012, Jennifer reveals nine key lies that held her back, walks us through her journey of miraculous recovery, and shares practical techniques for overcoming these same lies in our own lives and finding true freedom instead. Along with her responsibilities at Victory Church and the Beautiful Dream Society, she loves being the mother of five beautiful children, and three grandchildren.

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