Children’s Village Project

Restoring lives. Lifting Lesotho. Impacting the world. Together.

Introducing Beautiful Dream Society’s Children’s Village Project

We need your help to build permanent homes for orphans and vulnerable children.

For over 10 years, BeautifulDream Society has been fighting human trafficking in the country of Lesotho and addressing the heartbreaking orphan problem. So far, we have helped nearly 200 victims of human trafficking and child victims of sexual assault in Lesotho, as well as 57 victims in Oklahoma.

Lesotho has around 300,000 orphaned children due to AIDS epidemic, creating a higher risk for human trafficking. Since 2013 we have given full time foster care to 26 children by providing them with medical, relational, and educational needs while also giving them a safe, loving environment with caring house mothers.

BDS has accomplished much with little since we have not owned our own buildings. Thankfully, in 2021 the  government of Lesotho in partnership with  the International Organization of Migration  and the Government of Japan provided a property where our Anti-Trafficking Shelter can operate rent free for the next 10 years! Now we need to secure buildings for our Children’s Homes.

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Below are the 5 phases within our plan to build this complex:

Make An Impact

The Covid-19 world pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis have hit Lesotho very hard resulting in an already desperate situation that has worsened.  Lesotho has the 2nd highest per capita HIV infection for any country in the world contributing to a crisis of orphans, and now the 6th highest murder rate worldwide. Our landlord’s property in the same complex as BDS and Victory Church Lesotho was recently robbed by three armed men.  BDS cares for vulnerable victims of crime, and we must be able to keep our children, staff, and missionaries safe and secure.  

It’s time to build, and we need your help! We need partners and sponsors who can help with each step of the project.  Help us make a difference in these children’s lives.

Interested in donating to our cause? Get in touch!

Items Needed:

  • $100 children’s bedding (32 needed $3200) 
  • $365 set of bunk beds and mattresses (16 needed $5840) 
  • $750 Dining table and chairs for family of 9 (4 needed $3,000) 
  • $1000 Mom’s bed with mattress and bedding (4 needed $4,000) 
  • $1,300 washer/dryer (4 needed $6,000) 
  • $1,500 to finish out one bathroom (4 needed $6,000) 
  • $2,000 Kitchen appliances, pots, pans (4 needed $8000) 
  • $3,500 for sturdy couch and chairs (4 sets needed $14,000) 
  • $14,000 Dig water well 
  • $16,300 All equipment & furniture for 1 house(4 needed)
  • $20,000 Security fence 
  • $58,000 Build retaining wall to stop erosion 
  • $85,000 One house built

End human trafficking.