Impact Through Economic Development

Skills Training

Beautiful Dream Society teaches life and business skills to vulnerable women which enables them to better contribute to their economic sustainability. These skills include cooking, baking, knitting, sewing, crocheting, hairdressing, jewelry making, art, childcare, gardening, and more.

Product Marketing

The Beautiful Dream Society provides a market for products created by these vulnerable women. Items are sold at events to raise awareness of the global problem of human trafficking, and offers introduction to the Beautiful Dream website. The proceeds of the purchased items contribute to the economic sustainability for the women. Corporate donations are needed for materials and marketing of these products.


Vulnerable women are given opportunities to work with businesses in both Oklahoma and Lesotho in an internship capacity. The women work to gain experience in the work place and learn skills for future employment. Because the women are working as interns, corporate sponsorships are needed to provide for their expenses.