Orphan Care

When you give towards orphan care, you are partnering with the Beautiful Dream Society to rescue vulnerable children from poverty and destitution, restoring them to a loving family environment.BDS is strongly committed to placing children in a safe family environment rather than a large institutional orphanage. They become part of the family unit for life in the BDS community.

BDS Lesotho currently has official guardianship and cares full-time for sixteen children, from ages 4-18. The children have lost their parents, in large part, due to Lesotho’s AIDS epidemic. Many of them have suffered terrible abuse at an incredibly young age, often arriving with severe wounds or serious medical conditions.

At Khotso House, BDS meets children’s physical, medical, relational, and educational needs. BDS provides a place of safety where the children can sleep in security, receive medical care, and thrive in healthy relationships with staff, house moms, and each other.

Each vulnerable child needs multiple sponsors in order to provide the holistic care that is required to equip them for success in life. Your gift helps to provide all-round care for an orphaned or vulnerable child. This includes a home, food, clothing, education, medical attention, and spiritual care.

Of all the places in the world, why did we choose to focus on Lesotho? In addition to the dream that drew Jennifer Crow there initially, Lesotho’s current outlook provides compelling reasons to reach out to the country’s many resilient, yet hurting people. Read more: Why Lesotho?