Children’s Homes

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Children's Village Project

We need your help to build permanent homes for orphans and vulnerable children.

In 2021 the  government of Lesotho in partnership with  the International Organization of Migration  and the Government of Japan provided a property where our Anti-Trafficking Shelter can operate rent free for the next 10 years! Now we need to secure buildings for our Children’s Homes.

20220126 Masterplan Development

Beautiful Dream Society rescues vulnerable children from poverty and destitution, restoring them to a loving family environment.  These children have lost their parents, in large part, due to Lesotho’s AIDS epidemic.  Many of them have suffered terrible abuse at an incredibly young age, often arriving with severe wounds or serious medical conditions. 

BDS meets children’s physical, medical, relational and educational needs, providing a place of safety where children can sleep in security, receive medical care, and thrive in healthy relationships with staff, house mothers, and each other.  BDS is strongly committed to placing children in a safe family environment rather than a large institutional orphanage.  Children become part of the family unit for life, or until they can be safely re-unified with extended family or other foster parents. Each vulnerable child needs multiple sponsors in order to provide the holistic care that is required to equip them for success in life.  Your gifts help to provide all-round care for an orphaned or vulnerable child.

End human trafficking.