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Our Impact on Education


Beautiful Dream Society operates a private home school in Lesotho where the vulnerable children whom we serve are provided a quality education. Corporate donations of supplies are needed. Necessary items include appropriate teaching and learning materials such as library books, notebooks, and other relevant school supplies.


Beautiful Dream Society has funded the higher education of survivors of human trafficking at the University of Lesotho. Scholarships for survivors are needed to help break the cycle of poverty and abuse by providing an opportunity for further education.


When survivors of human trafficking come into one of the Beautiful Dream shelters, they often have not completed their high school studies. BDS helps each woman to complete her education at the appropriate level. Corporations can contribute to this expense by helping each survivor complete her education.


Vulnerable women are taught basic language, reading, and writing skills. Corporations can sponsor the goal of adult literacy for all victims of human trafficking that are cared for in the BDS programs.

End human trafficking.