Mojabeng Makhalalelo Mosebo

Restoring lives. Lifting Lesotho. Impacting the world. Together.

Mojabeng Makhalalelo Mosebo was skeptical but excited when she received an invitation for a ‘lucrative’ job interview from her cousin in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2009. She was told how she would join one of the successful clothing stores in Johannesburg and become its sales representative, travelling to some places around the world to get stock, should she pass the interview. For the then 30-year-old mother of two, whose family was in deep financial crisis, the opportunity to possibly end her woes had come at the right time. Little did Mojabeng know, her situation was sliding inexorably towards the abyss; she was going to be used to smuggle drugs, an illegal job which immediately landed her in prison in Japan, 13,500 km away from her family in Maseru.

Since her rescue in 2012, she has not stopped advocating for victims of human trafficking and raising awareness to warn others from her country of Lesotho.  Mosebo penned the story of her exploitation and memoirs in her first book, “In A Strange Land”.

Mojabeng began working full time for Beautiful Dream Society in 2018 as Anti-Trafficking Sensitization Coordinator, and because of her excellent work and leadership abilities, Mojabeng was promoted to Director of Beautiful Dream Society of Lesotho. As Director, Mojabeng has successfully implemented projects funded by numerous international organizations such as the International Organization of Migration (funded by Japan and the USA), the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Orphan’s Promise and Love Justice among others.

End human trafficking.