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One Beautiful Evening

Beautiful Dream Society’s annual fundraising banquet is scheduled for February 17, 2023. The event will feature a fabulous dinner and captivating stories about human trafficking in Lesotho. Learn what BDS has accomplished with your help and how to support the mission in Lesotho.


Beautiful Dream Society is creating a world where vulnerable and exploited people are restored and empowered to live beautiful lives.

BDS is a Christian, humanitarian organization that strives to lead the Lesotho fight against human trafficking by providing prevention, protection and rehabilitation programs in partnership with all stakeholders.
Anti-Trafficking Shelter

Returning dignity to human trafficking survivors.

Many girls and women are victimized by human trafficking bearing the brunt of political unrest, poverty and disease. We embrace these women and girls by providing shelter, food, clothing, emotional support, legal support, psychological support and spiritual support in a safe, trauma-informed home environment.

Anti-Human Trafficking Advocacy

Every girl and woman matters and has the right to live free from slavery.

In Lesotho inadequate legal protections for women and girls who are victims of gender-based violence and human trafficking have led to increased democratic conflict, decreased legal and political participation among women, and weakened democratic institutions and practices. We help educate communities about the value of women and girls.

Children's Homes

Rescuing children to achieve their full potential.

Our Children’s Homes are safe places where orphaned and vulnerable children can truly experience the love of a family.  Our children receive everything they need to grow up healthy and whole—food, clothing, medical care, education and most of all the love of a mother.

Transit Monitoring

Saving lives by stopping human trafficking before it starts.

By monitoring illegal routes at the border of Lesotho and South Africa, we’re able to stop human trafficking before people are victimized. Our team of transit monitors includes one team leader and eight monitors that work in pairs to spot human trafficking, often before the victim even knows she is being trafficked!

Miss Teboho Van rooyens gate_Square

If you need help in Lesotho
call +266 6342 3361 or +266 5733 2854

Victory Hall

Premier event venue to support vulnerable women and children.

Providing a dynamic setting for corporate and private functions including elegant weddings and banquets with proceeds going to support caring for vulnerable people in the community.

Victory Church Maseru

A local Lesotho church that believes in our community.

Victory Church Maseru was born out of a dream of a thriving Lesotho. A dream of doing more than stopping the darkness, it is a dream of shining the brightest light possible so that Lesotho can become a shining example of how to live, move, and be in the fullness of Christ. 

Join us as together we restore our beautiful Lesotho.

The Beautiful Dream Blog

Update on our Children’s Village

As each day passes, we grow closer to bringing to life one of our most exciting and ambitious projects: The Children’s Village. While maintaining our other operations, the team has made much progress, and we’d love to share it with you!

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Empowering future leaders

The Beautiful Dream Society is dedicated to fostering the growth of happy, confident, and kind children capable of overcoming their circumstances to impact the world positively.

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Searching for a better life

Most people yearn for a better life and the opportunity to work towards it. This was the case of one such girl in Lesotho, who we’ll call Cassie. Cassie had been abandoned by her mother and neglected by her father, and she wanted a way to provide for herself and her younger brother. 

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Please don’t think that any gift is insignificant. If only 150 people committed to giving $4 per week, then in one year we will have raised almost $30,000 to meet the needs of victims and help them find justice and restoration.

Please pledge, and urge all of your friends to pledge to help the victims of human trafficking.

End human trafficking.