Mpolokeng’s journey from survivor to scholar

In a world where gender-based violence continues to cast a long shadow over impoverished nations, Mpolokeng’s story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Mpolokeng went from being a survivor of assault to a determined college student, and her journey is a testament to the power of resilience, support, and restoration.

Mpolokeng’s story

In April 2022, Mpolokeng became the victim of a brutal and gruesome rape incident, leaving her shattered physically, emotionally, and psychologically. She came in touch with a nonprofit group in Lesotho that referred her to BDS for shelter and trauma counseling. Mpolokeng stayed with BDS as the police investigated her assailant.

Beautiful Dream Society responded with compassion and determination, offering Mpolokeng not only a safe space at the Crisis Shelter but also a comprehensive program designed to rehabilitate and empower survivors. Mpolokeng received all her basic needs, along with non-judgmental counseling to work through her trauma. 

Mpolokeng attended daily devotions and weekly Bible studies led by BDS Shelter Advocates and Volunteers. These sessions provided her with a fresh perspective on her faith and the courage to trust in God for her healing and future.

A journey to empowerment

Mpolokeng excelled in her studies so much that she qualified for higher education. She was accepted into Lesotho National University with a full scholarship, marking a turning point in her life’s trajectory. BDS stepped in once again, offering guidance and support as Mpolokeng embarked on her educational journey.

BDS gave Mpolokeng the stepping stone she needed to push through life after trauma. This showcases the transformative role that non-profit organizations can play in addressing the deeply rooted issues of gender-based violence. As we celebrate Mpolokeng’s achievements, let her story be a reminder that even in the darkest of times, the human spirit has the power to rise, heal, and thrive with the right support and determination.

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Lesotho, a small African nation nestled in the mountains, has been grappling with one of the highest incidences of sexual and gender-based violence (GBV) globally. However, amidst these grim statistics, Beautiful Dream Society stands as a shining example of how dedicated organizations are making a meaningful impact on the lives of survivors. 

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