Groundbreaking update for the BDS Children’s Homes

Beautiful Dream Society broke ground on our Children’s Home project, and we have some exciting updates to share! Here are some new ways we will be able to serve the women, orphans, and impoverished children of Lesotho in the fight against human trafficking. 

The capacity to help more people

Currently, Beautiful Dream Society can only accommodate 12 children in need. Despite the huge demand for our services in Lesotho, we do not have the space or funds to facilitate any more people. Our new building project in Ha Takalimane will allow us to house 32 orphaned and vulnerable children across four homes. We provide a safe and nurturing environment for human trafficking survivors and potential victims, which puts them on a path toward a brighter future. 

Reliable sanctuary for vulnerable individuals

Child victims of trafficking often find themselves in dire situations with nowhere to turn for help or shelter. Many of these children are orphans, but some are put into precarious situations because of their family members. When children lack a reliable support system, they are more liable to end up in the hands of the wrong people. 

The BDS Children’s Home project offers a much-needed sanctuary for these children. They have a safe space to heal, receive education, and rebuild their lives with the support of dedicated caregivers and professionals.

Results you can actually see

For many donors, the issue of child trafficking can feel overwhelming. They may not know where to start to make a difference. By contributing to the Beautiful Dream Society’s new building project, donors can clearly see the results of their contributions. They can rest assured that their donations will be utilized to create a significant impact by helping the actual victims of trafficking and sexual abuse. 

The project is an empowering and tangible way for donors to get involved in the fight against child trafficking. If you’d like to get involved, check out our Children’s Homes page to learn more about this project. 

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A dream derailed

Ben, the youngest of five siblings, found himself burdened with responsibility early in life following the death of his parents. Living in his family’s homestead in Lesotho with his eldest brother and sister, he had to drop out of high school to care for his ailing mother, relying on odd jobs to support his dwindling family finances. A skilled soccer player, Ben dreamed of a life beyond his immediate struggles, a dream that seemed within reach when a recruiter approached him with a life-changing offer.

When desperation is exploited

Sarah lived a modest life in Sri Lanka, caring for her ailing mother alongside her sister. Her father passed away, leaving the two sisters to shoulder the financial responsibilities of their family. While her sister worked in insurance, Sarah found employment in local clothing production factories. The meager earnings were insufficient to cover their mother’s escalating medical expenses, pushing Sarah to seek better opportunities.

An exciting addition to the team

The 3P paradigm, Prosecution, Protection, and Prevention, continues to serve as an essential framework for combating human trafficking. Previously, Beautiful Dream Society could only protect and uplift survivors after their ordeal.

End human trafficking.