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Update on our Children’s Village

As each day passes, we grow closer to bringing to life one of our most exciting and ambitious projects: The Children’s Village. While maintaining our other operations, the team has made much progress, and we’d love to share it with you!

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Empowering future leaders

The Beautiful Dream Society is dedicated to fostering the growth of happy, confident, and kind children capable of overcoming their circumstances to impact the world positively.

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Nurturing growth with house mother training 

Beautiful Dream Society is dedicated to creating a safe and loving environment for children, and at the heart of this mission are our House Mothers. Last year, we had a significant focus on empowering them because they are the ones who work directly with the children in our care.

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More than surviving 

Last year, Beautiful Dream Society did some incredible things with our children’s homes. For a long time, we struggled just to make ends meet. Thanks to some generous funding we received, we were able to do so much more.

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Children without electricity in Lesotho

As the new year draws closer, we will come together to reflect and celebrate with our loved ones. But it can be an incredible time to be intentionally generous and have a positive impact on the lives of human trafficking survivors. 

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Getting winter essentials to Lesotho’s children

In the breathtaking country of Lesotho, Africa, snow-covered mountains and rolling hills define the landscape. But among this incredible scenery, we see another story unfold. In Lesotho, you will find resilient children who have faced adversity the likes of which most of us can only imagine. 

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How you can make a difference in Lesotho

Lesotho, a nation with its own unique beauty and culture, faces several intertwined challenges that deeply impact its people. From the orphan crisis to the AIDS epidemic, from crippling poverty to the dark shadow of human trafficking, these issues don’t just exist in isolation; they exacerbate one another, creating a cycle of suffering for many. But that doesn’t have to be the case forever. 

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Sibling reunification after tragedy

Thapelo came to the BDS Children’s Home after losing his mother at just eight years old. Thapelo’s older siblings cared for him after his mother passed away, but the oldest sibling was still a minor at the time. Thapelo developed some health issues that the family could not afford to care for, so they brought him to BDS through a referral from Beautiful Gate Children’s Care Centre.

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End human trafficking.