Children without electricity in Lesotho

As the new year draws closer, we will come together to reflect and celebrate with our loved ones. But it can be an incredible time to be intentionally generous and have a positive impact on the lives of human trafficking survivors. 

Our big goal for 2024 is to get our Children’s Village Project closer to the finish line. These homes will provide housing for over thirty orphaned and vulnerable children. These children have faced unimaginable hardships, including human trafficking and sexual assault, and they are in dire of resources to change the course of their lives. 


We often take it for granted, but the ability to flip a switch and essential services is a game changer for the children and families that depend on these homes. This change will help with several key factors:


Lesotho, with its stunning landscapes, is also known for its harsh winters. Temperatures regularly drop below freezing, making heat an absolute necessity. Electricity will provide heating systems that ensure these children are safe and warm during the frigid winter months.


Quality education can be challenging to come by. Electricity will bring the internet to the Children’s Homes, allowing the children and other survivors access to remote learning. It is an educational lifeline that can help bridge the gap, offering them the tools and knowledge they need to create a brighter future for themselves.


In regions where water scarcity is a constant concern, electricity will be essential for powering well pumps. Clean and accessible water is a basic necessity, and this addition ensures that the children have a reliable source. It is a simple yet transformational change in their daily lives.

You can make an impact.

Because of the exchange rate and lower cost of living in Lesotho, your donation’s economic and social impact grows. We’re on the cusp of achieving our $55,000 goal to bring electricity onto the site of our Children’s Homes building project.

As we approach 2024, think about what you will do to support human trafficking survivors. We hope you’ll choose to partner with us to bring the power of electricity to their homes, offering warmth, education, and clean water. These simple yet vital improvements will empower them with the resources and safety they need to face their pasts and build brighter futures.

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