Lebohang’s story: A better life or exploitation?

Imagine being a teenager in Lesotho, desperate to help your family. That’s where Lebohang found herself – a young girl with big dreams, stepping into a world that would ultimately take advantage of an ambitious young woman. Looking for a job in order to help support her family, Lebohang was tricked by traffickers and led into a life of nonconsensual sex work for no compensation. 

Courage prevailed 

Lebohang’s life became a cycle of exploitation and despair, but she wasn’t going to let it break her. With a burst of courage, she reached out for help. Village healthcare workers heard her situation, and the police stepped in. Just like that, she was out of the nightmare and on her way to a new beginning.

When Lebohang was able to escape her desperate situation, it was just the beginning of her healing journey. Though she was no longer being abused, she had to heal her mind and body from the long-term abuse. 

Lebohang faced panic attacks and sleepless nights, but the Beautiful Dream Society shelter wasn’t just a roof over her head. It was where her healing journey began. 

Healing and finding purpose

Counseling sessions at the shelter started chipping away at the walls Lebohang had built around herself. She began opening up, embracing the safe space she was in. But the real game-changer? The craft programs. They weren’t just hobbies but steps towards rebuilding her life, giving her skills, confidence, and a way to make a living.

Then there were the Tuesday Bible studies. Lebohang didn’t just find comfort; she found a whole new perspective on life. Despite her initial unfamiliarity with God, these sessions became a source of joy, revealing a newfound understanding of God as the father and author of her life. Tuesday mornings, reserved for Bible studies, became a highlight for Lebohang, who eagerly sought deeper knowledge by requesting her own Bible.

A tale of resilience

In the face of unspeakable adversity, Lebohang’s spirit remains unbroken. Her story is one of triumph over tragedy, resilience in the face of despair, and a testament to the healing power of love, community, and faith. As she continues to rebuild her life, Lebohang stands as a beacon of hope for others who have faced the darkness of human trafficking, proving that even in the most challenging circumstances, the human spirit can prevail.

Truthfully, more young ladies like Lebohang are rescued from human trafficking each day. But, if they have nowhere else to go and no support after leaving, they can quickly and cruelly be right back where they started. This is why we need your help; we need your support to maintain and grow our shelter in Lesotho.

The good news is because of exchange rates and inflation, your money goes much farther in Lesotho. To support one victim of human trafficking for a whole year costs $350.00 to provide food, shelter, therapy, and job training. Would you prayerfully consider what you can contribute to support human trafficking survivors this year? 

If you’re ready to make a difference, make a donation on our website.

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End human trafficking.