From survivor to entrepreneur

Today, we want to celebrate a major victory for our shelter program by sharing Lizzy’s story. She has been out of our program for over a year and has thrived in that time. Read on to hear her story of resilience and how she used the tools given to her at our shelter to succeed. 

A safe haven turns into a springboard for success

Lizzy’s arrival at BDS marked the beginning of an extraordinary chapter in her life. Seeking refuge and safety, she found much more than a temporary shelter—she discovered a nurturing environment that would become the cornerstone of her future success.

It was at BDS where Lizzy started to piece back together the fragments of her life, supported by a team dedicated to her healing and growth.

Empowering skills for a new beginning

In collaboration with BDS and various partner organizations, Lizzy embarked on a journey of self-discovery and skill-building. Among her many achievements was mastering the intricate craft of cosmetics production.

Lizzy’s natural talent shone through as she learned to produce and package high-quality petroleum jelly, perfume, glycerine, and bath salts. This wasn’t just a vocational skill; it was the first step towards her entrepreneurial dream.

Crafting success: beyond cosmetics

Lizzy’s aspirations knew no bounds. She ventured into weaving, creating exquisite products like baskets, table mats, and sun hats. This new business venture complemented her cosmetics line, demonstrating her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Each product she created was not just a testament to her skill but also a symbol of her journey from vulnerability to empowerment.

A heart for giving back

What truly sets Lizzy apart is her generosity. Prosperity hasn’t dimmed her empathy; instead, it’s amplified it. Lizzy extends her support to others in the refugee camp, providing essentials and sharing her knowledge.

By teaching her skills to other shelter residents, Lizzy completes the circle of giving, embodying the ethos of BDS.

Faith and community

Lizzy’s story is also one of spiritual awakening. Her involvement with Victory Church Maseru and her newfound faith have given her an inner strength that radiates in her community interactions. She’s become a source of motivation and encouragement, sharing her experiences and offering support to others facing similar challenges.

A future full of promise

Lizzy’s transformation from a BDS shelter resident to a successful entrepreneur and community leader is an inspiring testament to the strength and resilience inherent in every individual. Her journey illuminates the path of hope and possibility for many others.

For others to experience the hand-up that Lizza has received, we need your help. Our organization is working to become independent, but we need your help to create different income sources and permanent housing to support the survivors and our advocacy work. If you have questions about this process or how you can support us, learn more about our children’s villages here or reach out to have a conversation with our staff.

Of course, we always welcome financial support. You can donate online on our website.

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