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Category: Human Trafficking Awareness

Human trafficking survivor to speak at fundraising banquet

Mojabeng Mosebo was skeptical but excited when she received an invitation for a ‘lucrative’ job offer in South Africa. It was 2009, and the then 30-year-old mother of two was in a deep financial crisis. An opportunity to work for a prestigious clothing store was exactly what she needed to restart her life.

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Human trafficking reform moves Lesotho from Tier 3 to Tier 2 risk

Over the last three years, Lesotho’s government has drastically improved how they handle and prevent human trafficking. The country was once ranked Tier 3 US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons report, but they moved to Tier 2 watch last year. In 2022, they officially improved to Tier 2 (2022 Trafficking in Persons Report).  

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It takes a village to prevent human trafficking

Some communities in Lesotho have “informal” or “illegal” borders leading to South Africa. These are areas where the river is narrow or shallow enough for someone to cross through easily, and they act as a primary transport opportunity for human traffickers. 

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Stopping human trafficking before it happens

Breaking news: The BDS Lesotho team intercepted a female traveling to meet an online boyfriend before exploitation could occur! Beautiful Dream Society provides transit monitoring services as part of our commitment to prevent and combat human trafficking in Lesotho. We watch for warning signs of a potential trafficking situation and take appropriate actions for suspicious circumstances. 

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Empowering survivors through trauma-informed care

Trauma-informed care is a cornerstone of our mission. At Beautiful Dream Society, we assist women, girls, and boys who have experienced human trafficking, sexual assault, gender-based violence, and other traumatic events. Our staff understands the complex thoughts, feelings, and emotions that trauma survivors face, and they use specialized care to accommodate those needs. 

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Family reunion after human trafficking

Imagine being ripped from your family so young that you don’t even know they exist. Instead of building core memories around the dinner table, your memories are rooted in an unfamiliar land. Such is the case for millions of children who get trafficked every year. 

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End human trafficking.