More than surviving 

Last year, Beautiful Dream Society did some incredible things with our children’s homes. For a long time, we struggled just to make ends meet. Thanks to some generous funding we received, we were able to do so much more.

We were able to enrich their lives with new experiences and skills. Our goal shifted from mere survival to thriving; we were able to introduce enriching activities like swimming and music lessons and new resources such as bicycles and trampolines. These additions have brought immense joy and excitement to our children, significantly improving their behavior and eagerness to participate in community life. More than just fun, these activities serve as vital outlets for their energy and creativity, helping to mend the emotional scars of their past traumas. More than ever, they are allowed to be normal children!

Beyond the basics

Swimming lessons, music classes, new bicycles, board games like chess, and even a trampoline have become part of our children’s daily lives. These aren’t just toys or pastimes; they’re tools for healing, learning, and connecting. The excitement of learning to play a new instrument or the thrill of a first successful swim has brought light into the lives of children who have faced unimaginable challenges.

Introducing these activities has made school breaks something to look forward to and instilled a sense of discipline and responsibility. Teenagers are now more punctual, knowing they have something worthwhile to return home to, reducing instances of wandering without purpose.

Building skills

Looking ahead, we’re committed to offering our teenagers opportunities to learn and develop skills that can support them in the future. One of our young ladies attended workshops on baking and nail art this year, which was terrific. She was able to see a future for herself that included earning a living doing something she enjoyed!

We want to equip all our children with the ability to find employment and excel in their chosen paths. This builds confidence, instills a sense of self-worth, and opens doors to new possibilities.

Future dreams

While these activities have been impactful for the children in our homes, we have big dreams to support more children and impact them more deeply. For instance, while we currently offer some psychological support, we hope to one day get comprehensive psychological support to the children who need it most, offering therapies that extend beyond the conventional to address their complex needs truly.

The generosity of our supporters has profoundly impacted our journey, but there is so much more we wish to do. We would love to expand our activities, deepen our psychological support, take children on cultural heritage field trips,  and offer even more diverse skill-building workshops. Our vision is to care for these children and nurture their dreams, talents, and aspirations.

Our transformation has been incredible, but it is just the beginning. We invite you to join us in this mission to turn survival into thriving, challenges into opportunities, and help these beautiful dreams become reality.

Please consider how you can help us meet the needs of the orphans in our homes this year.

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