There is a waitlist of children in need

Beautiful Dream Society changes lives every single day, but we still aren’t doing enough. We had to turn away five girls in 2022 because we did not have room available in our current housing setup. There are many children on the waitlist, and more reach out every month. We are eager to build permanent Children’s Homes to house orphans and impoverished children in Lesotho. 

How permanent Children’s Homes help children of Lesotho

Here is an overview of what each BDS Children’s Home could do for children in Lesotho:

  • Provide shelter and parental care for orphans 
  • Offer access to food, medical care, and education
  • Protect children from threats of human trafficking
  • Empower children to identify scams that lead to human trafficking (fake job opportunities)
  • Create a safe space for trauma recovery
  • Build a family and support system for children who have nowhere else to go
  • Plant seeds for the leaders of tomorrow to blossom

Our Children’s Homes are far more than a bed and a roof. For many children, this is their only hope for a fruitful future. The Children’s Homes are small communities that help children thrive and are an integral part of our efforts to end human trafficking in Lesotho. 

One child’s testimony: “I thank God for another day”

Godfrey has been with BDS for the past nine years. He lost both his parents. He was dropped off at a Lesotho medical facility when he was a toddler, but he looked nine months old because of malnourishment. He likely would have died without immediate medical attention.

Fast forward to today. Godfrey is now a teenager with dreams of attending university. He attends school daily and loves the family he’s found with BDS. He has access to the care he needs, thanks to our partnerships in Lesotho.

We ask the children to participate in praise every Sunday. Godfrey’s favorite saying is, “I thank God for another day.”

We want to continue helping children like Godfrey enjoy a rich and fulfilling life. We need your help to do that. 

Every dollar makes a difference, and your contributions will go directly to orphans and widows in need. Check out our donation page to learn how to contribute to human trafficking prevention in Lesotho.

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Empowering future leaders

The Beautiful Dream Society is dedicated to fostering the growth of happy, confident, and kind children capable of overcoming their circumstances to impact the world positively.

End human trafficking.