Stability and education for a sexual assault victim

Beautiful Dream Society’s mission is to prevent human trafficking and help trafficking survivors, but sometimes the worst offenses happen inside the home. Such was the case for Hlompho, a young girl who was repeatedly sexually assaulted by her father.

Hlompho’s story

Hlompho came to BDS two years ago through a police referral. She lived in our crisis shelter for about a year and was then transferred to the Children’s Home. Hlompho’s father has been apprehended and is currently awaiting trial in a correctional facility.

Hlompho does not have a stable family member to live with. She will remain in BDS care for an extended time for protection, support, and trauma recovery.

How Hlompho’s trauma has impacted her life

The trauma from Hlompho’s sexual assaults has impacted every aspect of her life, from school to social settings and everywhere in between. She struggled for a long time to grasp any academic material, no matter how much support she received from her teachers and siblings. Her teachers tried many approaches to educate her, but Hlompho’s troubled mind could not hold onto the information.

Hlompho began throwing fits any time she was asked to go to school. She would hide her books at home, lie about her homework, and speak angrily to anyone who asked about her education. We set out on a mission to get Hlompho the support she needed to improve her quality of life.

The tutor who changed it all

After a long and exhausting search, we found a tutor to help Hlompho through her struggles. Her tutor needed to be extremely patient and understanding because of Hlompho’s behavioral issues. We found the perfect person to connect with Hlompho and help her understand her schoolwork.

Hlompho has been with her tutor since the beginning of this year, and she has improved tremendously. She is now able to read and write in Sesotho and English. She enjoys going to school, and she has a peaceful demeanor about her.

There will still be hurdles in the future because of the extent of her trauma, but we can finally see a spark in Hlompho. She can move forward from her abuse and continue to heal with Beautiful Dream Society.

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